Eddy Current Testing


EDDY CURRENT TESTING is the most widely used NDT examination method to inspect Heat Exchanger tubes. 
The method employs a probe (Bobbin Type) that contains one or more coils, which induces eddy current (Electrical Field) around the tube. Flaws such as pits, corrosion or cracks will interrupt the induced field, which will cause a change in the coil impedance.
These changes can be displayed on a display apparatus, Strip Chart Recorders or computer discs and analyzed by highly qualified and experienced technicians. Inspections can be performed rapidly (50-60 feet per minute), with accurate and repeatable test results. Origin of defect can also be distinguished easily (OD verses ID). Information regarding defects (Depth & Size) can be provided through phase and amplitude analysis.

Tube failures in Heat Exchanger Systems are one of the major causes of malfunctions of these systems.

Early detection of weakened or damaged tubes by Nondestructive Testing means is an efficient, accurate and economical method of preventive maintenance.