Infrared Testing


Infrared Thermography is a condition monitoring technique which measures the radiant heat pattern emitted by a body, and is able to determine regions or points of increased or reduced heat emission. This indicates the presence of a fault in the body.

Thermal Imaging can easily identify potential problems without interfering with people or the operation of equipment, providing a transparent, non-evasive preventive maintenance strategy. During the survey, It is business as usual without downtime or lost of production.

  • Electrical mechanical and processing equipment such as Miscellaneous Electrical Apparatus (MEA) Distribution Panels, Transformers,

  • Motors, Pumps, turbines, Steam/ Process lines and Steam Traps etc. are subject to failure due to: 
    overloading, overheating, and lack of preventive maintenance programs for these systems.

  • An efficient predictive maintenance program through infrared thermography can save your plant from danger and catastrophic failures.